Looking for a simple solution to deal with supply chain complexity?

We manage your supply chain to let you focus on what you do best, your business.

Supply chain orchestrator

Cchain Global is a complete solution that controls and optimizes global supply chains.

Control & compliance

Control & compliance is our slogan. What does it mean? A well-managed tax effective supply chain is optimized from different perspectives and multiple functions. Cchain Global has extensive in-house knowledge of logistics, supply chain related taxes like duties and VAT, regulations, finance and (e-)commerce. We use this knowledge to build and manage leading supply chains.

Best-in-class solutions

Cchain Global is a non-asset based company, our extensive in-house knowledge enables us to select and manage best-in-class service providers that we use to build tailored supply chain solutions. Although we work with preferred suppliers we are independent, therefore we can select the best fit for your supply chain.

Your outsourced Operations Manager

Your outsourced Operations Manager, that’s what we are. Cchain Global is your single contract and contact partner for all supply chain related matters, logistics, tax, finance and (e-)commerce. We manage all related contracts and continuously improve your supply chain. Outsourcing your operations management to Cchain Global helps you to make fixed cost variable.

Simple interface

In supply chain management the information or data flow is just as important as the physical flow. Cchain Global is constantly developing and improving communication interfaces in order to simplify and optimize all communication processes.

Your supply chain as a differentiator

Many companies see their supply chain purely as a cost center. We believe that a well-designed and well-managed supply chain can be a differentiator. Cchain Global helps you to turn your supply chain from a cost center into a competitive advantage.

Smart pricing

Cchain Global is not a consultancy solution that is charged by the hour. We believe in a transparent pricing model with menu and activity based pricing. Find out how we can help you to make your fixed supply chain cost variable.

Modular solutions

The range of modular solutions provided by Cchain Global covers global supply chains end-to-end. We use our modules as building blocks and combine them to create tailor-made and rock-solid supply chain solutions for you.


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