Recently, the European Commission launched a guidance to the use the of the transaction value and the royalties and license fees. We will focus on the transaction value first as this is the transition that will affect most companies. To be clear about the status the EC immediately states that the guidance is not legally binding and is only of an explanatory nature. ‘The purpose is to ensure a common

Please see the Updated Authorised Economic Operator guidelines as presented today. The updated EU AEO Guidelines are in line with the new Union Customs Code (UCC) provisions which will apply from 1 May 2016.

It doesn’t happen much. Actually, it never happens that a paper published by the EC makes me want to dance. But this time I am not so sure. Reading the paper the first thought that enters my mind is that it feels like a house track (electronic dance music, or EDM), including the lyrics typically used in this kind of music. We are having a hard time, there is no