Cchain Global was founded by Mathijs Benink and René Schilder in August 2015. What started as an initiative to create a new service provider with extensive knowledge of both supply chain and supply chain related indirect taxes (VAT and customs duties) grew into a full control tower solution.

Supply chain orchestrator
Cchain Global is a solution that controls and optimizes global supply chains from different perspectives and multiple functions. As an independent non-asset-based company we use our in-house knowledge to build tailored supply chain solutions with best-in-class partners. We are your single contract and contact partner, your outsourced operations manager that communicates with you through simple interfaces. Via smart pricing we make fixed supply chain cost variable. Cchain Global helps you to turn your supply chain into a differentiator.

Modular solution
The range of modular solutions provided by Cchain Global covers global supply chains end-to-end. We use our modules as building blocks and combine them to create tailor-made and rock-solid supply chain solutions for you.

Our modules: freight management, compliance, distribution & returns, warehousing, quality control, financial services, commercial services, insurance, sourcing.

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